Top 10 Most Popular Champions in the League of Legends Ranked

Posted: 2024-06-17

Posted: 2024-06-17

Source: MMOWOW

League of Legends offers players over 160 different characters to play around with, however, some are far more popular than others. Here are the top 10 most-played League of Legends champions in Ranked Solo Duo.

Riot’s popular MOBA League of Legends is a pretty old game. Released back in 2009, the title has been slowly updated through the years, releasing new champions to keep players enticed and entertained. With the amount of variety available in the game, and only 10 slots per game, there are definitely champs that have stood out as the most popular.

The list below details the most popular champions in the League of Legends Ranked Solo Queue.


10 – Yasuo

Yasuo takes the tenth slot on our list of popular champions. The wind wall slashing samurai is the bane of every ranged champion, quickly closing the gap and unleashing devastating critical strikes that can quickly take down a backline.


9 – Viego

Soul stealer Viego comes in as one of the more popular champions at the moment. A potent jungler who is able to swiftly take over games due to his ability to become enemy champions he slays, making him ridiculously powerful in team fights once he gets his resets going.

Viego is rather temperamental when it comes to items however, but with the changes to Kraken Slayer, he’s found himself being one of the more popular champions at the moment.


8 – Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa has been one of the most popular champions in League of Legends since her release. The evolving ADC has an extremely overloaded kit, complete with an attack-speed steroid, invisibility, an on-hit passive, a long-range dash and shield, and much more.

Kai’Sa’s incredibly overloaded kit and her ability to make plays have cemented her as one of the strongest champions to pick, especially in an environment as volatile as solo queue.

7 – Lee Sin

Lee Sin has soared up in popularity to play in ranked. The early game fighter can take over games in an instant provided the player has the skill for it. With massive play-making potential in his kit, players love to pick Lee Sin to show off their stuff as well as earn some LP in the process.

6 – Brand

Brand has made a return as one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. This is likely due to the introduction of Blackfire Torch, a powerful DoT jungle item that makes his clear and damage ridiculously high.

An immobile and squishy jungler, Brand can dish out an immense amount of damage, and is likely the reason he’s so popular at the moment.

5 – Ashe

Ashe is one of the less familiar faces to the most popular champions in League of Legends. Her superior kiting ability but lack of mobility make her a volatile pick in a solo queue environment. With that being said she offers immense amounts of utility for her team with her slows and ultimately providing heaps of CC that is desirable on any team.

4 – Jinx

ADC Jinx has become the most popular pick to play in League of Legends ranked. The immobile hypercarry relies on getting resets in team fights, wreaking havoc as she chases down the remaining enemies. Jinx is very prone to having her numbers be a tad too high, and as a result, instantly becomes one of the best champions to pick.

3 – Lux

The Lady of Luminosity scores herself the 3rd most popular slot in League. With a simple-to-execute kit, Lux’s combo potential allows her to score takedowns from afar, making her perfect at picking or poking at enemies. Lux, who was originally a mid laner, is being played more in the support role currently, as her poke, snare and shield allow her to effectively assist her ADC to get through the laning phase.

2 – Jhin

Sniper marksman Jhin is understandably one of the most popular champions at the moment. With his bursty tool kit, he’s able to deal massive amounts of damage while providing a good amount of utility to his team.

Jhin’s just a really fun and unique ADC as well, whose reload mechanic makes him play more like a burst mage rather than a traditional run-of-the-mill ADC.

1 – Caitlyn

Piltovian Sheriff Caitlyn lands herself as the most popular champion at the moment. With high range, good damage, and the ability to make plays, Caitlyn is a deceptively powerful champion in the hands of the right player.

The ADC is able to bully other opponents out of lane, dipping somewhat in power in the mid-game and coming back as a strong carry in the late game. With satisfying combos, a nice visual aesthetic and a chipper British accent, there’s no doubt players adore Caitlyn.

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