You can get the Thieves Guild DLC free this month in Elder Scrolls Online

Posted: 2024-04-18

Posted: 2024-04-18

Source: MMOWOW

The Elder Scrolls Online is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, and that means free stuff. From now until April 29, 2024, you can get the Thieves Guild DLC for free. All you have to do is be a thief and pick a pocket.


That’s not a tall order, and I’ll give you some guidance in a moment. The DLC in question does not just include thieving, but a whole questline that takes place in its own region of Tamriel (Hew’s Bane in Hammerfell). It’s a meaty piece of content and necessary if you want to visit as many regions of Tamriel as possible. Plus, progressing through the Thieves Guild questline will net you some pretty swell skills.

In order to get this DLC, all you need to do is pickpocket someone. Once the Pocket Picker achievement is unlocked, you can then go into the in-game Store and claim the DLC. If you’ve already done this (or even progressed the achievement’s ranks), then the DLC will already be waiting to claim. It will be added to your account in perpetuity.

You can also get a free mount once you have the DLC. You just need to get the Hew’s Bane Cave Delver achievement, which is done by completing the region’s two delves by defeating their bosses.

Finally, if you find you enjoy crime, the Dark Brotherhood DLC is also available during this time, and it pairs quite well with stealing.

All this runs from now until April 29, 2024.

How to pickpocket in Elder Scrolls Online

Crime is a great business opportunity, so here’s how to pickpocket. Keep in mind, not every NPC can be pickpocketed, but most of them can, including guards.

Simply crouch down into the sneaking position, then approach an NPC. The eye symbol over your reticle will tell you if you are currently visible to anyone in the area. You’ll want it to be closed and telling you that you’re hidden. If you try to swipe something while someone is looking, it will fail and a bounty will be placed on your head.

With that in mind, approach an NPC’s butt. When you’re close enough, it will tell you the NPC name, the word “Pickpocket,” their rank in brackets, and the success chance.

The success chance will start off on an initial percentage, but after a short period will go up into an ideal window when the text is green. You’ll want to try and nab your prize while the text is green and the chance is higher.

If you’re successful, you’ll gain a stolen item based on what rank the NPC is (commoner in the picture). You can then try again two more times for more loot. If they catch you, they may attack, or they’ll just look at you sternly, and you’ll have a bounty automatically applied to your head.

Stolen goods need to be sold at a Thieves Guild location, which are typically found in a region’s major city.

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