• Eternal - Softcore
  • Eternal - Hardcore
  • Season 4 - Softcore
  • Season 4 - Hardcore
  • Boss Summon

Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Blackened Femur

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Blackened Femur

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Varshan Admission (Femur & Head & Hand & Heart)

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Varshan Admission (Femur & Head & Hand & Heart)

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Malignant Heart

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Malignant Heart

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Shard of Agony

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Shard of Agony

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Trembling Hand

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Trembling Hand

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Living Steel

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Living Steel

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Exquisite Blood

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Exquisite Blood

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Distilled Fear

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Distilled Fear

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Gurgling Head

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Gurgling Head

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Mucus-Slick Egg

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Mucus-Slick Egg

  • Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Duriel Admission (x2 Egg & x2 Shard)

    Eternal - Hardcore - Boss Summon Duriel Admission (x2 Egg & x2 Shard)


Diablo 4 Items

Diablo 4 Items is just a general term for all items in Diablo 4. Players who are familiar with the Diablo series know that in the game, we can use various weapons, props, armor and cosmetics to enhance the character's strength and game experience.

Diablo 4 items Cover a wide range of item types that can greatly enhance a player's character and overall game experience. Examples include utilities, crafting materials, runes, and quest items. These items can be found in different ways.

Diablo 4 Items Rarity & Types

Diablo 4 has five item types. These include Normal, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Unique. Unique items are returning and it is worth noting that set items will not make it into the Diablo 4 release.

Normal Items (1 modifier) - The white items in Diablo 4 are the least rare type in the game. Normal items have no affixes and are often used as a way to get more materials through salvaging.

Magic Items (1 random modifier) - Diablo 4 magic items, also known as "blues", have a suffix. The benefit of magic items in Diablo 4 (especially weapons) is that their baseline stats (such as weapon damage) can be the same as rare items or even legendary items.

Rare Items (2 extra random modifiers) - Diablo 4 rare items will have three to five random affixes and some great base stats. In addition, rare items can be upgraded to legendary items in Diablo 4 by adding legendary attributes to the item via the Power Codex.

Unique Items (fixed affixes, class-specific) - Unique items are back in Diablo 4! These items are the rarest of rare items and hard-pressed to find more than a few of them throughout the season (about three months).

Legendary Items (2 random modifiers & 1 Legendary modifier) - Diablo 4 legendary items are some of the rarest in the game. Diablo 4 legendary items have four affixes and carry a legendary attribute, which can be changed through the Power Codex.

Set Items (Set Bonus) - Also in Diablo 4 there are sets for all classes. Sets consist of several set parts. The more we equip, the more and stronger bonuses become active. While sets are also listed as equipment in some endgame builds, they are primarily intended for characters who have just reached max level in Diablo 4. Set parts are relatively easy to find and offer quick progress for our character through the set bonuses.

Diablo 4 Season Items - In each season of D4, we can look forward to some D4 seasonal exclusive items (legendary, unique, rare items dropping from mobs) and Battle Pass items (cosmetics, mounts, pets). These items only exist in the Season Realm of the current season, but they can be transferred to the Eternal Realm with your character after the season ends. In the Season of the Malignant, there are new D4 Season 1 gems that will be added to the game to offer special gameplay!

Diablo 4 Tradeable ltems

Normal items - One of the primary purposes of White/Normal items in the game is to salvage them, which results in obtaining a considerable amount of Reusable Parts. Once players acquire Magic Items, equipping Poor/Normal items becomes redundant. Additionally, vending these items only yields minimal gold, causing many players to disregard gray items and not bother collecting them at all.

Magic Items - Players may want to reconsider ignoring all blue-colored drops as magic items, despite only having two affixes, can offer higher numeric bonuses on those affixes compared to other quality tiers (e.g. +15% instead of +10%). So that's why Magic Items are considered the most valued items to trade in Diablo 4.

Rare items -  Rare gear boasts several random stat modifiers. It is a significant upgrade from magical gear in terms of strength, typically featuring higher base statistics and more powerful modifiers. Additionally, rare items frequently possess skill-boosting modifications, which can make a particularly rare item more or less advantageous for specific builds than its pure Item Power would indicate. So Rare items are also worth trading in Diablo 4.

Elixirs - Elixirs are items that can be consumed to grant your character various buffs for a period of 30 minutes. These buffs may include increased resistance to certain elements, heightened attack speed, and a 5% boost to your overall experience gain for the entire duration of the effect. By maintaining a consistent stock of Elixirs in your "Consumables" tab, you can greatly accelerate your leveling progress and optimize your character for challenging content. So if you don't want to craft Elixirs by yourself (you need to gather various plants and herbs for crafting them), trading with other players or buying from MMOWOW.COM could be a time-saving choice!

Gems - In Diablo 4, gems have the ability to bestow significant buffs upon you, ranging from enhancements to your weapons, to boosts in damage and resistance against elemental attacks. Regardless of your class or build, gems in Diablo 4 are a vital means of obtaining stat boosts, particularly for novice players. The same craft gems you need to spend gold and Topaz Gems, these take time to collect, so if you want to get a specific gem quickly, it is most efficient to buy from us.

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Gallowvine: Unraveling the Mysteries of Diablo 4's Sinister Artifact
Gallowvine: Unraveling the Mysteries of Diablo 4's Sinister Artifact
In Diablo 4, the gallows come in varying levels of difficulty and significance depending on the world level the player is exploring. At higher world levels, gallows tend to offer more challenging encounters and greater rewards, making them more enticing for players seeking powerful loot and resources to enhance their characters. In Diablo 4, the gallows are essential gameplay elements that offer valuable loot and resources for players. Positioned strategically throughout the game world, gallows serve as key points of interest where players can scavenge for rare items, weapons, and materials crucial for character progression. Obtaining gallows in Diablo 4 can be achieved through various methods. Players can encounter them while exploring the open world, completing quests, participating in events, or defeating powerful enemies. However, the simplest and most convenient method to acquire gallows is by actively exploring different regions of the map, keeping an eye out for distinct visual cues and indicators that signify their presence. On the map, gallows are typically marked by specific symbols or landmarks that players can identify to navigate towards them efficiently. These signals may include ominous structures, unique environmental features, or distinct visual effects that denote the presence of a gallows nearby. By paying close attention to these signals and landmarks, players can pinpoint the location of gallows and plan their exploration routes accordingly. When approaching gallows, players should remain vigilant and observant, as they may encounter clues or hints that provide valuable information about nearby loot or potential threats. These clues can manifest as visual cues, such as glowing objects, mysterious symbols, or unusual sounds, which players should investigate to uncover hidden treasures or uncover secrets. Exploring gallows can yield various rewards and items, including rare equipment, crafting materials, and valuable resources that enhance the player's gameplay experience. By thoroughly scouring the area surrounding gallows and interacting with their surroundings, players can uncover hidden caches, unlock secret passages, and discover valuable artifacts that contribute to their progression in the game. Overall, gallows play a significant role in Diablo 4 by offering players exciting opportunities for exploration, discovery, and reward. Through careful observation, strategic planning, and diligent exploration, players can uncover the secrets of the gallows and claim their valuable spoils to further their journey in the world of Diablo 4. The practical uses of gallows of different levels in the game are manifold. Lower-level gallows may provide beginner-friendly challenges and rewards suitable for players still familiarizing themselves with the game mechanics. These gallows often offer basic equipment, crafting materials, and experience points to help players gradually progress through the early stages of the game. On the other hand, higher-level gallows present tougher enemies, greater risks, and more lucrative rewards. Players tackling these gallows can expect to encounter elite monsters, rare loot, and valuable resources that significantly impact their character's strength and capabilities. By successfully conquering these challenges, players can acquire top-tier equipment, legendary items, and unique artifacts that greatly enhance their combat prowess and overall effectiveness in the game. Properly using and managing gallows is crucial for maximizing their benefits and optimizing the player's gameplay experience. Players should approach gallows strategically, considering factors such as their character's level, equipment, and skill progression to ensure they are adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. Additionally, managing resources such as potions, buffs, and cooldowns effectively can greatly improve the player's chances of success when confronting gallows encounters. When searching for gallows, players may encounter misunderstandings or difficulties in locating them amidst the game world's vastness and complexity. To overcome this, players should utilize in-game maps, exploration tools, and quest markers to pinpoint the locations of gallows more efficiently. Additionally, seeking guidance from other players, joining online communities, or consulting game guides can provide valuable insights and assistance in navigating the world and finding gallows more easily. Refining gallows is a concept that allows players to improve their quality or rewards through various means, such as completing specific tasks, fulfilling objectives, or investing resources. By refining gallows, players can unlock additional challenges, access higher-tier loot, and uncover hidden secrets that enhance their gaming experience. Common methods for refining gallows include completing related quests, defeating challenging enemies, or solving intricate puzzles scattered throughout the game world. For players seeking the most convenient method of refining gallows, prioritizing quests and objectives directly tied to gallows exploration can be highly effective. By focusing on gallows-specific tasks and missions, players can streamline their progress, earn valuable rewards, and refine their gallows experience efficiently. Additionally, staying informed about in-game events, updates, and changes can help players adapt their strategies and take advantage of new opportunities for refining gallows effectively.
How to get Diablo 4 Resplendent Sparks
How to get Diablo 4 Resplendent Sparks
Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 are used to craft Uber Uniques, so this is where they can be found and how to use them Diablo 4 Resplendent Sparks are a new crafting material, and they hold an incredible amount of power. For the first time in the dungeon crawler, players don't need to rely solely on RNG luck to obtain Diablo 4 Uniques, as this item allows you to craft an extremely rare Uber Unique of your choice. Of course, this process is far from easy in Diablo 4, as you're unlocking equipment that most adventurers have only dreamed of owning. To find out more, here's how to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 and what you need to do with them afterwards. Because they provide such an important outcome when used, you're going to have to work hard in order to get Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4 – items that powerful don't tend to be found just lying around, sadly. There are currently four methods of obtaining this rare crafting material, which I'll explain below: 1. Reach Tier 18 with the Iron Wolves As you fight your way through Diablo 4 Helltide events, you'll gradually increase your standing with the Iron Wolves clan. Build your reputation all the way to Tier 18 by earning enough Diablo 4 Wolf's Honor and you'll unlock the final reward – the Highest Honors of the Iron Wolves cache. As well as a Mount Trophy and Legendary Amulet, this also contains a Resplendent Spark to add to your inventory, and as this is only character-limited you can repeat this process with multiple characters to earn additional Resplendent Sparks. 2. Defeat Uber Lilith for the first time Uber Lilith is found via the Echo of Hatred in Fracture Peaks, and can only be accessed once you've completed the main story at least once and reached World Tier 4. This is an extremely difficult boss fight, so you should aim to be at least Level 90 and spec your build accordingly before taking her on, but the first time you defeat her this season will award a Resplendent Spark. Note that this reward was initially glitched at the start of this season but has now been fixed, so if you previously defeated Uber Lilith at any point (including before Diablo 4 Season 4) then you should have received a Resplendent Spark in your inventory – but if you have then you can't earn another Resplendent Spark this way in Season 4. This is account-limited so you can only do it once, regardless of how many characters you have. 3. Defeat a Tormented Boss for the first time Tormented versions of endgame bosses can be summoned in World Tier 4, by using an increased amount of summoning material on their altar combined with the Stygian Stones that are earned deep within The Pit. These bosses are Level 200 so you need to be well prepared for a tough fight, but the first time you defeat any one Tormented Boss you'll also receive a Resplendent Spark. As with Uber Lilith, this is account-limited so you can only do it once. 4. Farm and scrap other Uber Uniques There are two endgame bosses who have a chance to drop Uber Uniques upon defeat – Uber Duriel in the Gaping Crevasse and new arrival Uber Andariel in Diablo 4 Hanged Man's Hall. To fight them you'll have to defeat other endgame bosses to collect the necessary summoning materials, and Uber Uniques are still extremely rare drops when you beat Uber Duriel or Uber Andariel, but this is the only method you can repeat with the same character. When you scrap an Uber Unique with a Blacksmith, you'll receive a Resplendent Spark among the salvaged materials. Because the whole point of this process is to craft a new Uber Unique, you should only scrap one if you have a duplicate of it so you can carry it over to the Eternal Realm at the end of the season. Once you have collected enough Resplendent Sparks in Diablo 4, you can take them to an Alchemist and use them to craft an Uber Unique of your choice. Go to their Transmutation tab, under which you'll find the Transmute Sparks heading, then you can select one of the following: Ahavarion Spear of Lycander (Staff) Andariel's Visage (Helm) Doombringer (One-Handed Sword) The Grandfather (Two-Handed Sword) Harlequin Crest (Helm) Melted Heart of Selig (Amulet) Ring of Starless Skies (Ring) Tyrael's Might (Chest) Note that due to class restrictions, you may not see all of the above Uber Uniques listed as you can't craft one that's incompatible with your current character. This crafting process requires four Resplendent Sparks and 50 million gold, so be certain about the item you want to craft before you commit ! Visit our website MMOWOW to purchase Diablo 4 Gold and Diablo 4 Items at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.