• KRKR
  • Stonegard-스톤가드

  • DaVinci-다빈치

  • Lunar-루나

  • Fonsiné-폰시네

  • Callis-칼리스

  • Einar-아이나르

  • Bercant-베르칸트

  • Aaron-아론

  • Asota-아소타

  • Crimson-크림슨

KR - Stonegard-스톤가드

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 1000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 1000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 2000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 2000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 3000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 3000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 4000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 4000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 5000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 5000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 6000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 6000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 8000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 8000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 10000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 10000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 15000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 15000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 20000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 20000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 25000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 25000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 30000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 30000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 35000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 35000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 40000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 40000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 50000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 50000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 60000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 60000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 80000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 80000

  • KR Stonegard-스톤가드 100000

    KR Stonegard-스톤가드 100000


About Throne and Liberty

Throne and Liberty, also known as TL, is an upcoming MMORPG developed by NCSoft in South Korea and set to be published globally in 2024, including in North America, South America, Europe, and Japan. Amazon will distribute it in North America, South America, Australia, and Europe.

A standout feature of TL is the Weapon Combinations system, enabling players to wield two weapons and seamlessly activate skills upon switching, eliminating the need for additional equipment. This system allows players to craft unique builds tailored to their gaming style, offering various combinations, including bows, staves, and seven other weapon types.

Forget grinding. Forget limitations. In Throne and Liberty,In the game, Lucent serves as the primary currency. This paid currency is used in the Lucent Shop and Marketplace. Throne And Liberty Gold(Throne And Liberty Lucent), Adena, and Diamonds are employed throughout the gaming experience. These currencies empower players to acquire potent weapons, cosmetics, mounts, armor, potions, and more. Obtaining currency is possible through in-game methods like trading, completing quests, and defeating enemies; for those seeking a quicker option, Throne And Liberty Gold(Throne And Liberty Lucent) can be directly purchased from MMOWOW, providing a convenient way to save time and enhance the gaming experience.

How to get more currency items in Throne and Liberty?

1. Kill more monsters

Monsters reward you with more currency items and valuable items. Especially, bosses are the best source of currency items.

Some bosses get stronger when it rains. However, depending on the weather, the type of reward is different, and usually the stronger the reward, the better the reward. Users whose goal is to defeat the boss itself can catch it regardless of the weather, and if they need an item that drops when it rains, they can catch it then. It is user choice.

2. Quests

Quests are the fast way to level up your character. Build a stronger character and earn more currency easily.

3. Play More and Die Less

Play more, killing more monsters, opening more chests. Get more valuable currency items and upgrade your gears.

4. Buy Currency at MMOWOW

The fastest way to get currency items is by purchasing from sellers. MMOWOW is one the best place to buy Throne and Liberty currency items.

5. Events

Regional events are sudden events that completely change the content of a specific region for a short period of time. For example, the wolf hunting tournament is an event in the early leveling area, a ranking competition event that borrows the tournament format, and PvP is also possible.

Local events are triggered every 3 hours, and the schedule is displayed when you open the map in the game. On the schedule, green is for regional events, red is for bosses, and there are regional events where competitions between guilds take place.Participate in more events and earn more currency items, such as Adena, and Diamonds.

6. Dungeons

Throne and Liberty will feature non-instanced, open-world dungeons, where players will be able to fight difficult enemies together.

TL is a seamless living world and dungeons that change depending on the weather condition and surrounding environments.

7. Environment

Depending on changes in the setting, terrain may feel different, and ecosystems may also undergo transformations. Intriguing events can occur due to these changes. According to the natural law of TL, such events will happen consistently with a certain likelihood. Players who understand this law can transform the environment.

Predictable things such as the day and night cycles, allow players to plan ahead and earn more currency items. Unpredictable things, like turbulent weather and gusts of wind, require players to respond and adapt.

Here's what you can get by purchasing Throne and Liberty Lucent:

Gear & Equipment:

• Top-tier armor and weapons

• Enchantments and Refinements

• Consumables and Potions

Resources & Materials:

• Rare crafting materials

• Vehicles and Mounts

• Land and Property

Social & Guild Advancement:

• Guild contributions and donations

• Social events and celebrations

• Cosmetic items and customization

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Sollant Mastery: Unlocking Knowledge and Skills in Throne and Liberty
Sollant Mastery: Unlocking Knowledge and Skills in Throne and Liberty
In the immersive world of Throne and Liberty, players are thrust into the heart of a realm torn apart by conflict and chaos. Ancient kingdoms clash for supremacy, and dark forces threaten the very fabric of existence. Amidst this turmoil, Sollant emerges as a beacon of hope—a legendary artifact rumored to possess unparalleled power and the key to restoring balance to the land. Concept of Sollant and Importance: Sollant represents more than just a mere object; it embodies the essence of hope and salvation. As a powerful artifact of ancient origins, Sollant is coveted by rulers and adventurers alike for its potential to tip the scales of power in their favor. Its significance in the game cannot be overstated, as it holds the key to unlocking secrets, overcoming obstacles, and ultimately shaping the fate of the realm. Methods of Obtaining Sollant: Players have several avenues to acquire Sollant, each with its own challenges and rewards. However, one of the simplest and most convenient methods is through questlines offered by key NPCs scattered throughout the game world. These quests not only lead players on epic journeys but also provide invaluable insights into the lore and history surrounding Sollant. Unlock Points on the Map and Route to Sollant: To locate Sollant on the map, players must first unlock key points of interest that serve as markers for their journey. These points may include ancient ruins, mystical landmarks, or hidden sanctuaries rumored to hold fragments of Sollant's power. Once unlocked, players can chart a course towards Sollant by following a designated route that leads them through treacherous landscapes and into the heart of danger. Signals and Landmarks to Reach Sollant: As players venture closer to Sollant's whereabouts, they may encounter various signals and landmarks that guide their path: Glowing Runes: Markings etched into ancient stones or trees, indicating proximity to Sollant's presence. Mysterious Whispers: Faint echoes of voices or whispers that grow louder as players draw nearer to their destination. Guardian Creatures: Powerful guardians or protectors that stand as gatekeepers to Sollant's domain, signaling players are on the right track. Additional Methods to Obtain Sollant: Beyond questlines and main story progression, players can also seek out Sollant through exploration and discovery. Hidden caches, forgotten tombs, and enigmatic puzzles scattered throughout the world may hold fragments or clues pertaining to Sollant's whereabouts. By piecing together these fragments and solving mysteries, players can inch closer to claiming the ultimate prize. Cultivating Sollant: Concept and Purpose Concept of Cultivating Sollant: In Throne and Liberty, cultivating Sollant involves nurturing and harnessing the power of this legendary artifact to enhance various aspects of gameplay. Sollant serves as a vital resource that players can cultivate through specific in-game activities, unlocking its potential to wield formidable abilities and gain strategic advantages. Utilization and Benefits of Sollant: Cultivating Sollant yields a myriad of benefits, including: Enhanced Abilities: Sollant imbues players with enhanced combat skills, magical prowess, or resource-gathering efficiency, depending on the cultivation method employed. Unlocking Content: Cultivating Sollant may unlock access to hidden areas, quests, or storylines, enriching the player's gaming experience. Progression Boost: Harnessing Sollant's power accelerates character progression, allowing players to level up faster or acquire rare items more readily. Methods of Cultivating Sollant and Common Missteps: 1. Questlines and Story Progression: Completing questlines and advancing through the main story is a primary method of cultivating Sollant. However, players may overlook certain quests or story branches, delaying their progress in cultivating Sollant. 2. Exploration and Discovery: Exploring the game world and uncovering hidden secrets can also lead to cultivating Sollant. Players may miss crucial landmarks or overlook clues, hindering their ability to fully harness Sollant's power. 3. Crafting and Crafting Professions: Engaging in crafting professions such as alchemy or enchanting may involve cultivating Sollant. Players may neglect to invest in these professions or fail to gather the necessary materials, limiting their access to Sollant-related benefits. Throne and Liberty Lucent: Throne and Liberty Lucent serves as another form of currency within the game, distinct from Sollant but with its own unique uses and benefits. While Sollant focuses on enhancing gameplay mechanics and character abilities, Lucent may be used for purchasing rare items, unlocking cosmetic enhancements, or accessing premium content. Comparison of Sollant and Lucent: Sollant: Primarily obtained through questlines, exploration, and crafting, Sollant enhances gameplay mechanics and character abilities, contributing to overall progression and advancement. Lucent: Acquired through various in-game activities such as completing challenges, participating in events, or purchasing with real-world currency, Lucent is primarily used for cosmetic and convenience purposes, allowing players to personalize their gaming experience and access exclusive content. Strategic Currency Management: Rational Utilization of In-Game Currency: To optimize their gaming experience, players should consider the following strategies for managing both Sollant and Lucent: Prioritize Needs: Allocate resources based on immediate needs and long-term goals, focusing on enhancing gameplay mechanics, character progression, and overall enjoyment. Diversify Investments: Balance investments between Sollant-related activities and Lucent acquisitions, ensuring a well-rounded gaming experience that encompasses both gameplay enhancements and cosmetic rewards. Stay Informed: Stay informed about in-game events, updates, and promotions to maximize opportunities for acquiring both Sollant and Lucent through strategic participation and engagement. Conclusion: Cultivating Sollant in Throne and Liberty is a key aspect of gameplay, offering players a means to enhance their abilities, unlock content, and accelerate progression. By understanding the various methods of cultivating Sollant, avoiding common missteps, and strategically managing in-game currency, players can embark on a rewarding journey filled with adventure, discovery, and triumph. So, hone your skills, explore the realm, and harness the power of Sollant to shape your destiny in Throne and Liberty. Visit our website MMOWOW to purchase throne and liberty lucent at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.
Crush Queen Bellandir: A Complete Guide to Defeating the Throne and Liberty Boss
Crush Queen Bellandir: A Complete Guide to Defeating the Throne and Liberty Boss
In the world of Throne and Liberty, the kingdom of Chirel is embroiled in a bitter civil war. Factions vie for control of the throne, each led by powerful heroes seeking to claim ultimate power. Among these heroes is Queen Bellandir, a cunning and ruthless ruler who stops at nothing to achieve her goals. Queen Bellandir Boss: Role and Attributes Queen Bellandir is a formidable opponent, known for her mastery of dark magic and strategic brilliance. As a boss in Throne and Liberty, she is a spellcaster with high intelligence and agility, making her a formidable foe in both ranged and melee combat. Unlocking Queen Bellandir Boss: Unlock Points and Route To unlock Queen Bellandir's lair, players must first conquer key territories controlled by her faction. These territories act as unlock points and must be captured through strategic warfare. Once these points are secured, the route to Queen Bellandir's location will become accessible. Signals and Landmarks to Reach Queen Bellandir Boss: As players approach Queen Bellandir's stronghold, they will encounter signs of her dark influence. Look out for corrupted landscapes, sinister runes, and twisted vegetation marking the path to her lair. The presence of her elite guards and powerful magic wards are clear indicators that the battle with Queen Bellandir is imminent. Entering Combat and Recommended Characters: Entering combat with Queen Bellandir requires careful planning and preparation. Characters with high magical resistance and burst damage are recommended for this encounter. The Paladin, with his ability to heal and cleanse debuffs, or the Rogue, with high evasion and critical strike chance, are excellent choices for taking down Queen Bellandir. Defeating Queen Bellandir Boss: Queen Bellandir employs a variety of devastating spells and abilities during the battle. Her skillset includes powerful AoE spells, curses, and summoning minions to aid her. Players must be vigilant and dodge telegraphed attacks to avoid taking fatal damage. In each phase of the fight, Queen Bellandir may signal her deadliest attacks with charged energy, glowing runes, or verbal incantations. Pay close attention to these signals and be ready to evade or interrupt her spells to minimize damage taken. Recommended Character and Strategies: Character Recommendation: The Paladin is an excellent choice for battling Queen Bellandir due to his high magical resistance and ability to heal and cleanse debuffs. Additionally, his Divine Shield skill can provide temporary invulnerability, allowing him to mitigate Queen Bellandir's powerful attacks. Skill Usage: Utilize the Paladin's healing abilities, such as Holy Light and Lay on Hands, to sustain yourself during prolonged battles. Use Divine Shield strategically to negate Queen Bellandir's deadliest attacks and create openings for counterattacks. Damage Output: Focus on dealing sustained damage to Queen Bellandir while maintaining survivability. Utilize the Paladin's offensive skills, such as Hammer of Justice and Holy Strike, to chip away at her health while staying vigilant against her counterattacks. Key Elements of Damage Output: Prioritize upgrading the Paladin's offensive skills and investing in equipment that boosts his damage output. Aim to maximize critical strike chance and damage modifiers to inflict significant damage on Queen Bellandir. Adaptation to Different Phases: Queen Bellandir may transition between phases, altering her attack patterns and abilities. Stay adaptable and adjust your strategy accordingly. Anticipate her changes and be prepared to react swiftly to mitigate damage and capitalize on openings. Rewards and Utilization: Upon defeating Queen Bellandir, players can expect the following rewards: Rare Equipment: Queen Bellandir may drop powerful weapons, armor, and accessories with unique attributes and bonuses, enhancing your character's combat capabilities. Common Misconceptions and Tips: Underestimating Mechanics: Queen Bellandir may have multiple phases with unique mechanics. Study her patterns and adapt your strategy accordingly to avoid falling victim to her powerful attacks. Neglecting Healing and Cleansing: Queen Bellandir may inflict debuffs or DoT effects on your character. Prioritize healing and cleansing abilities to mitigate damage over time and maintain your survivability. Overextending on Offense: While dealing damage is important, avoid overextending on offense and neglecting defense. Balance offense with defense, utilizing defensive abilities to mitigate damage and survive prolonged battles. Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent: Players may acquire Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent, a special currency used for various purposes within the game. Resources: Defeating Queen Bellandir can yield valuable resources such as gold, gems, and crafting materials, which can be used to upgrade equipment and strengthen your faction's infrastructure. Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent is a unique currency in Throne and Liberty that represents the essence of power and influence. It can be used in various ways during battles, including: Summoning Reinforcements: Spend Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent to summon additional troops or heroes to aid you in battle against Queen Bellandir. Activating Special Abilities: Use Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent to activate special abilities or buffs that can provide temporary advantages or turn the tide of battle in your favor. Enhancing Equipment: Invest Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent in enhancing your character's equipment, increasing their stats or granting additional bonuses to improve their performance in combat. Utilize Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent strategically during the battle against Queen Bellandir to gain a tactical advantage and secure victory for your faction. Visit our website MMOWOW to purchase throne and liberty lucent at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.