Learn to Excel with PUBG Melee Weapons: Expert Advice

Posted: 2024-07-09

Posted: 2024-07-09

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Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons in PUBG are close-combat tools that can be crucial in the early stages of the game or in situations where ammunition is scarce. While guns are the primary weapons, understanding and mastering melee weapons can give players an edge in close encounters. They offer a silent way to eliminate enemies, avoiding attention from other players.


Correct Use of Melee Weapons:

Aim for the Head: Headshots with melee weapons deal significant damage. Practice aiming for the head to ensure quick takedowns.

Sneak Attacks: Utilize melee weapons for stealth kills. Approach enemies from behind to surprise them.

Situational Awareness: Only use melee weapons when you're sure the enemy doesn't have a firearm ready or when you can catch them off guard.

Movement and Positioning: Keep moving to avoid becoming an easy target. Use strafing and quick movements to close the gap between you and your target.

Switching Perspectives:

Third-Person to First-Person: Switch to first-person view (FPP) for more precise aiming with melee weapons. This can help you judge distances better and aim for the head.

Third-Person View (TPP): Use TPP to get a better understanding of your surroundings and spot enemies from behind cover.

Situations for Switching to Melee Weapons:

Close Quarters: When in buildings or tight spaces where guns can be less effective due to limited maneuvering room.

Ambushes: When you spot an unsuspecting enemy and want to avoid attracting attention by firing a gun.

Ammo Shortage: When you run out of ammunition and need to defend yourself.

Detailed Classification and Use Cases:


Advantages: High damage, can block bullets.

Disadvantages: Slow swing speed.

Use Case: Effective in ambushes and when you need a shield for your back.


Advantages: Faster swing speed than the pan.

Disadvantages: Lower damage compared to the pan.

Use Case: Useful for quick kills when you’re close enough to the enemy.


Advantages: Balanced swing speed and damage.

Disadvantages: Doesn't block bullets.

Use Case: Versatile weapon for early-game combat.


Advantages: Fast swing speed.

Disadvantages: Lower damage.

Use Case: Ideal for rapid attacks when precision isn't as critical.

Summary of Advantages and Disadvantages:

Pan: High damage and defense, but slow.

Machete: Fast attacks, moderate damage.

Crowbar: Balanced option, but no defensive capability.

Sickle: Quick strikes, low damage output.

Incorporating melee weapons into your strategy can significantly improve your survival and effectiveness in PUBG, especially in the early stages of the game or when you're out of ammunition. Happy gaming, and may your melee strikes always find their mark!

Kill Speed of Melee Weapons in PUBG

In PUBG, melee weapons vary in their ability to quickly eliminate enemies depending on their damage output, swing speed, and utility. Here's a detailed breakdown:


Kill Speed: High. The pan deals significant damage per hit, capable of downing enemies with just a few strikes, especially if aimed at the head.

Recommended Use: Use the pan in close-quarters combat where its defensive capability (blocking bullets) can save your life. It's ideal for surprise attacks and ambushes.


Kill Speed: Moderate to High. The machete swings faster than the pan but deals slightly less damage.

Recommended Use: Effective for quick engagements where speed and surprise are key. It's suitable for early-game fights and when you need to quickly dispatch an unarmored opponent.


Kill Speed: Moderate. The crowbar offers a balanced performance with decent damage and swing speed.

Recommended Use: Use the crowbar in situations where you need a reliable melee weapon early in the game. It's versatile for both offense and defense in tight spaces.


Kill Speed: Moderate. The sickle has a fast swing speed but lower damage per hit compared to other melee weapons.

Recommended Use: Deploy the sickle for rapid attacks in situations where you can overwhelm enemies with repeated strikes. It's effective for quick kills but may require more hits than other weapons.

Practical Gaming Scenarios:

Early-Game: Land in high-traffic areas or near buildings where melee weapons commonly spawn, such as warehouses, small houses, or rooftops.

Mid-Game: Melee weapons can be useful in surprise attacks, especially when opponents are distracted or during close-range encounters inside buildings.

Late-Game: Keep a melee weapon as a backup in case you run out of ammunition or need a silent approach to take down enemies.

Locations to Find Melee Weapons:

Melee weapons are typically found in residential areas, especially in smaller buildings or on the outskirts of larger cities.

Specific locations include Pochinki, Georgopol, Rozhok, and smaller compounds scattered across the map.

Best Melee Weapons to Keep:

The pan is universally recommended due to its defensive capability and high damage.

In early-game situations, prioritize the machete or crowbar for their balanced attributes.

Avoiding Exposure:

When using melee weapons, avoid open areas where you can easily be shot from a distance.

Utilize cover and move unpredictably to reduce the risk of being targeted by enemies.

Main Combat Strategies with Melee Weapons:

Ambush and Surprise: Use melee weapons to silently eliminate enemies from behind or in confined spaces.

Close-Quarter Combat: Pair melee weapons with quick movements to close the distance and overwhelm opponents.

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