Last Epoch 1.0 Launch Retrospective: Community Appreciation

Posted: 2024-03-21

Posted: 2024-03-21

Source: MMOWOW

Last Epoch recently shared a comprehensive 1.0 Launch Retrospective post, garnering positive feedback from the community. Users praised the transparency and detailed insights provided by the developers, acknowledging the challenges faced during the launch. The post highlighted the dedication of the EHG team and set a gold standard for communication.



Community impressed by the transparency and depth of the 1.0 Launch Retrospective.

Players express gratitude for the communication and insights shared by the developers.

The detailed post sets a high standard for transparency and engagement in the community.

Community Appreciation

Players lauded the detailed breakdown of the launch issues, emphasizing the importance of transparency in fostering trust with the community. The post highlighted the challenges faced by the EHG team, creating a sense of empathy among players who recognized the effort put into resolving the issues.

Developer Dedication

Users appreciated the developers’ commitment to sharing the learnings and growth opportunities from the launch. The detailed retrospective not only provided insights into the technical aspects but also showcased the human side of the development process, garnering respect and admiration from the community.

Future Prospects

Players expressed optimism about the future of Last Epoch, citing the dedication shown by the team in addressing launch issues promptly. The communication and transparency displayed in the post instilled confidence in the community, setting a positive tone for upcoming updates and developments.

Amidst the challenges faced during the 1.0 launch, the Last Epoch community stood united in appreciation for the efforts of the EHG team. The transparent and detailed retrospective not only shed light on the technical intricacies but also humanized the development process, fostering a stronger bond between players and developers. As the community looks forward to future updates, the commitment to communication and transparency sets a promising foundation for Last Epoch’s development journey

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