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Release date: 18/05/2023

Red Barrels invites you to embark on a chilling and mind-bending experience, this time with the company of friends. Whether you choose to face the trials alone or team up, surviving the horrors and completing the therapy will grant you freedom from Murkoff's clutches. But will you ever be the same again?


Set during the Cold War era, the Murkoff Corporation recruits unwitting subjects for their sinister experiments in brainwashing and mind control. In a world consumed by distrust, fear, and violence, your morals will be tested, your endurance pushed to its limits, and your sanity shattered—all in the pursuit of progress, science, and profit.


Imprisoned within Murkoff's facility, you and your fellow captives must navigate the trials. You can choose to face them alone or team up with 2, 3, or 4 players. While cooperative play is not mandatory for completing objectives, working together can prove highly advantageous. Regardless of the number of players in your group, survival and escape are paramount.

Your ultimate goal is to complete Murkoff's therapy and earn your release back into society. To achieve this, you must conquer the Trials and the MK-Challenges. The Trials are immersive, story-driven therapies that require a significant investment of time, while the MK-Challenges are shorter experiences set in modified or redesigned sections of existing maps.


In true Outlast fashion, the core gameplay revolves around evading enemies, seeking hiding spots, and attempting daring escapes. Murkoff will provide you with tools to enhance your stealth abilities, create opportunities for evasion, slow down pursuers, and more. However, earning and improving these tools will require dedication and hard work.

The tools at your disposal will allow you to:

Stun enemies

Blind them

See-through walls

Heal yourself and others around you

Murkoff will subject you to disturbing tasks within each trial or MK-Challenge. Only by completing these tasks will you be granted permission to exit and move on.


Unleash your creativity and customize your own trial patient. Your cell becomes your sanctuary as you navigate the therapy, and you have the freedom to decorate it to your liking. Choose your tools, upgrades, and perks to suit your preferred playstyle. Along the way, you will encounter the denizens of Murkoff's Sinyala Facility, each offering their own assistance to help you survive the trials. Do you have what it takes?


The Murkoff Corporation has abducted you for unethical experiments that will alter your psyche and behavior throughout the Trials. Discover and collect documents and items that serve as evidence of Murkoff's mistreatment of its patients.

The Process:

Break the Self: Murkoff aims to dismantle the test subject's core beliefs, systematically attacking aspects of their identity. Similar to boot camp or indoctrination, the objective is to compel individuals to purge anything sacred or restrictive, allowing for a radical shift in behavior. The constant assault on identity, guilt, and self-betrayal eventually leads to a breakdown.

Build the Self: Employing a good cop, bad cop approach, the rejection of the old ideology creates a void into which a new ideology can be introduced. Serving as the antithesis of the previous beliefs, the new ideology becomes an attractive alternative as individuals seek contrasting replacements. This progress is expedited by portraying the new ideology as harmonious and ideally suited to their needs. Collegiality and tranquility replace pain and punishment. Just as the person fears complete annihilation of the self, a small act of kindness provides a brief respite from the assault on their identity.

Salvation: Confronted with the stark contrast between the pain of the past and the promising future presented by the new ideology, individuals renounce any remaining allegiance to their old beliefs. They confess deep secrets, fully embracing the new ideology. This transformative experience is often described as a form of rebirth. Rites of passage solidify their acceptance and integration into the new order. Rituals may include making strong statements, pledging allegiance to leaders, saluting flags, kissing artifacts, and performing symbolic acts—all serving to firmly anchor them in this new reality.

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